I’ve always been a storyteller.

The one family and friends go to for essays, editing, and resumes.

It makes sense, I also have a BA in English and an MA in Counseling. I worked in colleges and universities for 7 years, but soon I returned to writing.  I became a freelance blogger for hire. 

And I loved it! But, i couldn’t help but notice something…

Most businesses understand the value of having a website, but they miss the mark with GOOD content with a purpose. 

I became obsessed with figuring out how to create strategies around web content so leads and customers have a rich experience. 

And do you know what it all comes down to?

The story .

Good communication, engaging stories, and purposeful posts built around your goals, promotions, and voice all help customers connect and engage with your brand. 

Otherwise, your site is just a hot mess with no direction…and customers will get that vibe and never return. 

So, it’s my goal to help you get clear on communication, and how you can make your website work for you. 

Amanda Pieper Content Strategist